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VintageFurniture Repairs

          Workshop: Unit 10 Queensway Link, Stafford Park 17, Telford TF3 3DN

 Mobile & Workshop service for Shropshire & the Midlands 


Older furniture can be given a new lease of life when we repair the cracks, splits or wear and tear over the years.

We don't want to make 'old look like new' we want to keep its character and style but remove the damage and ensure many more years of use.


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Using various colour mixes and washes we can sensitively recondition leather furniture that has collected years of wear.

None of our processes are 'off the shelf' every item will have a colour or wash mixed to that specific item.

After treating a small area we'll confirm with you exactly how much restoration of your furniture you require.

After treatment you'll notice a marked difference in not just the colour but the feel and texture of the sofa.