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The first signs of wear are when you notice a change of colour and added shine along with pronounced creases. Act now and I'll be able to ensure the issues don't develop further.

Vehicle Interior Repairs



Mobile repairs for car seats...


Colour match isn't an issue in a leather repair for your car. Over the years ultra violet rays, cleaning products and regular wear changes each interior differently - no two are the same. So the ability to mix the colour and finish to your individual car is key to a quality leather repair that you can be proud of.

 Mobile & Workshop service for Shropshire & the Midlands 

          Workshop: Unit 10 Queensway Link, Stafford Park 17, Telford TF3 3DN

The damage is already done...


You may have bought a car with existing wear or holes from previous owners. However severe you may think it is, most likely I'll be able to make massive improvements and a mobile leather repair or colour restoration will breathe new life into the car

Steering wheels as well as door cards can all be exposed to the sun, hard wear and the occasional spill. A leather repair can turn back the years on an interior and improve the re-sale value.

Perfect for lease returns, car restoration projects or to simply bring the quality of your vehicles interior to where you wish it to be.